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Universal North America maintains an extensive reinsurance portfolio to provide the financial stability and peace of mind you would expect from a global insurer. Our current program incorporates both Quota Share and Catastrophe Excess of Loss reinsurance. We also purchase Excess per Risk and Casualty coverage for individual large risk protection (excess per risk) and liability risk coverage (casualty).

Quota Share
Quota Share reinsurance is purchased so that losses are shared on a "pro rata" basis, such that catastrophe and non-catastrophe losses are shared by a stated percentage. This approach reduces the losses retained by Universal North America.

Catastrophe Excess of Loss
Catastrophe excess of loss reinsurance protects the Company in the event hurricane or other catastrophe losses exceed a specified retention level. Universal North America's maximum retained loss per exposure varies per state and line of business.

Reinsurance is placed in Domestic, Bermuda, International and London markets.

Reinsurance Program: Effective June 1, 2014. A.M. Best ratings are accurate as of June 1, 2014.

Universal North America Insurance Company is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best, a prestigious rating agency.  Universal Insurance Company, a subsidiary of our parent company Universal Group, Inc., has also earned a Best rating of "A" (Excellent).  Demotech, Inc., an  actuarial and financial analysis firm, has assigned Universal Insurance Company of North America the Financial Stability Rating® (FSR) of A, Exceptional.

Company Rating Rating Agency
Universal North America Insurance Company A- (Excellent) A.M. Best
Universal Insurance Company of North America
A, Exceptional
Domestic A.M. Best Rating
Everest Reinsurance Company A+
American Agriculture Reinsurance Company A
Houston Casualty Company (via London) A+
Odyssey America Reinsurance Corporation A
QBE Reinsurance Corporation A
Bermuda A.M. Best Rating
Ace Tempest Reinsurance Ltd. A++
Allied World Assurance Company Ltd. A
Ariel Reinsurance Company Ltd. (obo Syndicate 1910) A
Argo Re Ltd. A
Axis Specialty Ltd. A++
Catlin Insurance Company Ltd. A
Endurance Specialty Insurance Ltd. A
Markel Bermuda Limited A
MS Frontier Reinsurance Ltd. A
Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. A+
Renaissance Reinsurance Ltd. A+
DaVinci Reinsurance Ltd. A
Tokio Millennium Re Ltd.A++
Validus Reinsurance Ltd. A
XL Re Ltd.A
International A.M. Best Rating
R+V Versicherung AG NR
General Insurance Corporation of India A-
Hannover Ruck SE (via Pillar Capital Management Ltd.) A+
SCOR Global P&C SE (via London) A
London A.M. Best Rating
Syndicate AFB 623 A
Syndicate AFB 2623 A
Syndicate FDY 435 A
Syndicate HDU 382 A
Syndicate RNR 1458 A
Syndicate BAR 1955 A
Syndicate DUW 1729 A
Syndicate CSL 1084 A
Syndicate NVA 2007 A
Syndicate SJC 2003 A
Collateralized/ILS A.M. Best Rating
Horseshoe Re II Ltd. (via Leadenhall Capital Partners LLP) NR