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Why should I create a My Universal online profile?

Registering My Universal can save you time with these convenient, online self-services:

  • Pay your insurance bills and view your insurance policies.
  • Make an online request to change your policy information or coverages. For example, you can add a driver, change your address, increase a deductible, and more!
  • Request policy documents, such as your auto insurance ID card.
  • Review the status of your insurance bill.
Why do I have to enter my own product data?

Providing your product data helps us to verify your identity when processing your registration request.

Can I view all policies in the household?
Only the owner or "named insured" of a policy can be given access to that policy. Please contact your agent for any further questions about ownership or names on a policy or account.
Why can't my agent register and request online access for me?
During the registration process, you will select a customer ID and password and provide answers to security questions. In order to ensure the privacy and security of your account, it is important that you are the only person who knows this information.
What does Universal do to protect my privacy and the security of my accounts?

At Universal we consider your privacy and the security of your account to be important matters that require serious attention. In order to protect your information, Universal uses various layers of security. During the registration process, you will create a customer ID and password. In addition, you will provide answers to security questions that will be used to verify your identity when you call us for help.

Please know that Universal takes your privacy seriously.

  • We do not sell customer information.
  • We do not provide customer information outside Universal for marketing purposes.
  • See our privacy policy for more details.